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14 October, 2020

The ideal blogging tool

I went over to Scripting News to see what "proto-blogger" Dave Winer has been up to. I just noticed that he does like I have been doing lately, and lumping several short items into a single post under a date line. Of course, his system is a bit more sophisticated than that. However, I came across the following recent post. He seems to be pretty much describing what Hubzilla already is, though of course he is too mainstream to know or appreciate that.

Dave Winer on  The ideal blogging tool

The ideal blogging tool design would come from merging the publishing of WordPress with the interactivity of Facebook.
I don't mean the culture of either product. WordPress imho is too exclusive in its deployment. It should be easier. And without any FB-like algorithms.
You should be able to deploy it on your own. It should install as easily as an app on your iPhone. And you should have full control of hosting. Move whenever you want with no breakage. It should be as easy to port as it was to install.

It's true that Hubzilla is a little bit hard to install, but that's because setting up a home server is not trivial. Yet, if Bob Mottram could get his Freedombone to actually work as promised (it didn't for me), with a Hubzilla installation that works out of the box, setting up a home server with Hubzilla needn't be hard at all.

If we really want to break up the big tech monopolies and restore the promise of the web, we really need to take the plunge and set up home servers for all our services. It's hugely liberating and just feels right.


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