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14 January, 2021


Just as we approach the end of this crisis, it seems to be growing nastier. Infections are running really high here and taking their toll. Today, the mother of a second-year girl in our primary school was killed by the virus. They say she began feeling a bit sick, and died just a few hours later. Of course, the school is in shock. It's been closed since the tightening of the third lockdown, a week or two ago. In any case, the Arab children had been on holiday, just before, so it wouldn't have been the school children that brought the virus home to her.

Then today, D learned that one of the people in her yoga class, at the retirement home where she teaches, had tested positive. So we went together for testing in the evening. Due to the late hour, the nearest place was Givaat Ze'ev, a settlement town near Jerusalem. The tests were being efficiently run by the "pikud ha-oref" - the Home Front Command of the army; usually the answers arrive the next day. On Sunday, we are due for our second vaccination.

Both of us have had bad colds all week; but probably not the virus, since there has been no accompanying high temperature.

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✭ Alexei Navalny ordered to be detained on return to Russia, say officials | Alexei Navalny | The Guardian
"Russia’s prison service says it has orders to detain Alexei Navalny, a statement made days before the opposition politician is due to return to Russia after recuperating abroad from a suspected FSB poisoning."

✭Pongal is comfort food for south India’s harvest season – plus the recipe | Food and drink | The Guardian
Pongal is both a harvest festival, which starts today, and the rice and dal breakfast dish eaten to mark its arrival

✭World's oldest known cave painting found in Indonesia | Archaeology | The Guardian
"Picture of wild pig made at least 45,500 years ago provides earliest evidence of human settlement"

There are also handprints, like in other cave art ot that era around the world.

✭Israel’s vaccination drive likely to be briefly halted next week | The Times of Israel
campaign altering due to a lack of vaccines
#israel #COVID-19

✭ Yellow mealworm safe for humans to eat, says EU food safety agency | Food safety | The Guardian
"Move paves way for high-protein maggot-like insect to be approved for consumption across Europe."

Bon appetit, meat eaters.
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✭China in darkest period for human rights since Tiananmen, says rights group | China | The Guardian
Human Rights Watch lists persecutions in Xinjiang, Mongolia, Tibet and Hong Kong but notes new willingness to condemn Beijing

✭Top scientists warn of 'ghastly future of mass extinction' and climate disruption | Environment | The Guardian
Dealing with the enormity of the problem requires far-reaching changes to global capitalism, education and equality, the paper says. These include abolishing the idea of perpetual economic growth, properly pricing environmental externalities, stopping the use of fossil fuels, reining in corporate lobbying, and empowering women, the researchers argue.

✭ Signal : tout comprendre à l’application de messagerie sécurisée à très fort succès
Disponible sur Android comme sur iOS, l’application est prisée pour être particulièrement bien sécurisée, et n’avoir aucun lien avec Facebook, propriétaire de WhatsApp.

The pluses and minuses. Doesn't mention that Signal uses the Amazon server, which is a deal-breaker as far as I'm concerned. By comparison, Durov says Telegram uses its own servers, which are distributed around the world.

✭Pompeo scraps Europe trip after EU leader calls Trump 'political pyromaniac' | US foreign policy | The Guardian
Reuters and Fox News both quoted diplomatic sources as saying it was Luxembourg that had called off the meeting, a devastating snub from a tiny country for a secretary of state that continually claims to have restored “swagger” to the state department.