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13 May 2021

Violence all around

I sympathize with those posts in social media that call to boycott Israel, but the trouble is, the world only notices what's going on here when there are people getting killed. The violence is ongoing; the occupation and the closure are violence; the ongoing expropriation of Palestinians from their homes is violence, and it's been going on for a hundred years. When there's a sudden outbreak, there are accusations from both sides about who started it. Well, the Palestinians "started it" but staying quiet doesn't exactly help their cause, and doesn't mean that Israel will stop doing what it's doing or change its systematic policies of settlement and expropriation. It can only continue because the world turns a blind eye to all that or stays mum.

As for me, I can't boycott Israel, because I live here, as it happens, in a place that tries to work for equality and peaceful change. Right now I'm dismayed, not only by the possibility of a ground operation. That itself would be horrible. The last one, in 2014, killed around 1,500 Gazans, and turned whole neighborhoods into rubble But even worse is the upsurge of violence between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel itself. There have already been lynchings, pogroms, riots, and they are only getting started. More is planned for tonight. It is turning out worse than the year 2000, when 12 Palestinian and one Jewish citizen were killed in the internal violence. The damage then caused to the fabric of Jewish - Arab relations in the country took years to heal. I don't know who would want a situation where people on either side would feel endangered simply by entering the wrong neighborhood or town, but evidently there are those that love that prospect.

This country has everything it needs, in terms of land, resources and skills to be a paradise for Jews and Palestinians alike. They do much better when they are working together than when they are fighting one another. The only thing lacking is wise leaders. But every wrong that is perpetrated creates another bad memory and fuels feelings of hatred and revenge. The prospects of creating a just and peaceful society only recede.



hosh31.81782, 34.97896, 3 days ago   The sign says it all. The welcome isn't to the UK, but only to the bloody border.

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Cory Doctorow's linkblog wrote the following post 4 days agoKim Stanley Robinson's 2020 novel "The Ministry for the Future," is a fierce imaginative work. Robinson doesn't just depict a future beyond the climate emergency and capitalism itself, he depicts the specific, wrenching transition that takes us there.

"As I wrote in my review, the (variously attributed) maxim "It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism," isn't quite right."

Download, never "open in"

Update: the described behavior depends on the browser. I was using SeaMonkey. Chrome browsers don't seem to place the document in /tmp. Firefox makes the opened document "read only".

Here's something really stupid that once every few years catches me unawares:
I download a document from Google Drive in .odt format.
The dialogue box asks whether to "open the document" in LibreOffice, or to save it.
I click to open in LibreOffice.
I work on the document. Looks fine; it has a name and everything, and I carefully save it before closing.
I turn off the computer.
I open the computer the next day.
The document has vanished.
It went into /tmp/mozilla_ , a folder that is completely erased every time the browser is closed or the computer is shut down (I'm not sure, but the result is the same).

Of course, the solution is not to (not ever!) "open the document in LibreOffice" but to save it, then open it. But every so often I forget that. And then, like now, it can result in the loss of several hours work. There are no warnings against this behavior, either in the browser or in LibreOffice. It's something you just learn the hard way.