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13 February, 2021

Quiet Saturday; D. was away at a mindfulness retreat, I had a lazy day. Yesterday, we watched "The Dig"; the Netflix film on the discovery of Sutton Hoo. Ralph Finnes is a fine actor and the film is quite watchable.

Playing around with Hubzilla

Posts were not being delivered to my test profile on Mastodon (Fosstodon) since last August, though comments did get delivered. After reading a recent thread in the Hubzilla Support Forum, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Activity Hub protocol. Now it's working again, and posts like this one are reaching my test profile. But a possible alternative reason for their not previously reaching Fosstodon was the inclusion of formatting. I tried editing and removing formatting from an older post, with the result that it did get posted to Fosstodon. However, then it recognized the older post as a new one, and advanced it to the top of my stream in Fosstodon, so editing posts is not something that I would want to do retroactively; particularly since Mastodon does not recognize Hubzilla's title field (which I use for the post's date). I'll make more experiments on new posts, with and without formatting, with and without Markdown, etc.

After the success of federating with Mastodon, I attempted to re-subscribe to Bob Mottram on his Epicyon instance which also uses the Activity Pub protocol. But, as before, his posts do not reach my Hubzilla instance; annoying since the only place I can see them is on Fosstodon. There's the possibility that it's by his own choice, however, which is fair enough.

Links Blog

Came across an article in WIRED by an anthropologist and mycophile (mushroom lover) who, 12 or 13 years ago did some volunteered in our office. She introduced me to the concept of social media and gave me some good music; it was the first time I'd heard of Sufjan Stevens. Her writings can be found on WP and Medium

✭Digital identity and biometrics in Africa, Part 2: risks & questions | by Joanna Steinhardt | Medium
"If we’re going to honestly evaluate the ethical and political ramifications of these technologies, we have to consider how they build on or reinstate inequalities in global power and wealth and the potential for oppressive state governance."
#africa #surveillance

✭Hackers, Mason Jars, and the Psychedelic Science of DIY Shrooms | WIRED
"The history of home cultivation methods of Psilocybe is more connected to early internet culture than you'd think." - Joanna Steinhardt

✭Hardcore Spirituality
The connection between Punk, Hardcore, Krishna Consciousness
#music #spirituality

✭Analysis: Facebook has become a $770 billion clone factory - CNN
"Instead of brain tech or other novel hardware devices, Facebook has released a long list of copycat products lifted from YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Slack. Facebook has taken on popular dating apps, launched a Craigslist competitor, and famously ripped off Snapchat's most popular feature Stories in 2016, shortly before the latter went public. And according to a report this week, Facebook is now looking to do the same with Clubhouse, the audio-focused app of the moment."

The article goes on to suggest that Facebook improves on the ideas created by its competitors. This is bullshit. Even Facebook's core functionality doesn't work well. It's consistently frustrating to use this network. Whereas FOSS projects suffer from a dearth of developers, probably FB has an overabundance of them; maybe that can be a problem too.

✭Uttarakhand avalanche: Village at center of India glacier collapse warned of impending disaster for decades. No one listened - CNN…

I think I may have seen this damaged power station, on my journey up to Ghangaria.

✭Dramatic discovery links Stonehenge to its original site – in Wales | UK news | The Guardian
Find backs theory that bluestones first stood at Waun Mawn before being dragged 140 miles to Wiltshire