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12 October, 2020

Fly CNN is a silly air travel lover's website. The troubles of the airline industry, new aircraft designs, airplane disappearance mysteries, nostalgia for long-discontinued planes... Right now there are at least six pictures of airplanes with accompanying articles. I don't know why I still look at that site.


Palestinians who are Jews

Ironies abound in this story told by Noam, one of our Jewish village members. She has an acquaintance in Dubai, whose father is a Palestinian refugee from Jaffa. Like many, or perhaps most, Palestinians, she did not have a national citizenship. However, a DNA test revealed that her genes were a 90% match for those of Sephardic Jews forced out of Spain during the Inquisition. On this basis, she was able to receive a Spanish passport under Spain's repatriation scheme for Jews. She will now be able to visit Jaffa, and Noam.Links
✭ Fifth of countries at risk of ecosystem collapse, analysis finds | Biodiversity | The Guardian
"Countries including Australia, Israel and South Africa rank near the top of Swiss Re’s index of risk to biodiversity and ecosystem services, with India, Spain and Belgium also highlighted."
Israel is at the top of the list.✭ 'Devastated' Indigenous owners say Rio Tinto misled them ahead of Juukan Gorge blast
✭ This is my message to the western world – your civilisation is killing life on Earth | Amazon rainforest |
"We Indigenous people are fighting to save the Amazon, but the whole planet is in trouble because you do not respect it"
✭ Mental health and caste: Society needs to talk about the politics of well-being
In India today, there is little to no representation of people from Bahujan communities at any level – media, cinema or government –
✭ Census of India: T 00-005: Total Population, Population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and their proportions to the total population✭ The Dalit-Bahujan Guide to Understanding Caste in Hindu Scripture | by Valliammal Karunakaran | Medium
"We assert that both the Shrutis and the Smritis bear condemnable caste advocacy."
"It is absolutely necessary to understand now that large populations of the subcontinent remain colonized by Brahminism. The white man has come and the white man has gone, but Bahujan society has not yet been released from the millenia-long hold of Brahmin colonialism ."
✭ Samar Halarnkar: The twilight of Indian democracy

In the blink of an eye, India has been dragged from flawed but functioning democracy with reasonably robust institutions to the doorstep of great-leader autocracy. Every disfigurement of the law leads to another, often greater in severity, straining the credulity of the justice system and pushing it further into disrepute and disrepair.

✭ In Dune, Paul Atreides led a jihad, not a crusade | Opinions | Al Jazeera

Having studied Frank Herbert’s notes and papers in the archives of California State University, Fullerton, I have found that Herbert’s understanding of Islam, jihad, and humanity’s future is much more complex than that of his interpreters.

An interesting article.