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11 May 2021

The Conflict

I haven't felt like blogging after last week's meditation retreat got me out of the momentum. And this week, we have the latest conflagration in the Middle East to worry about. I can hear more booms in the background as I'm writing this. We haven't had any alarms so far in our locality, but the skies were lit up this evening by the Iron Dome system missiles that try to intercept the rockets from Gaza. Tonight's attacks killed three in Israel - ironically, one of them was a foreign care-giver from a small town in Kerala. Tomorrow, school is cancelled for children in our area. Naturally, Israel is responsible for fanning the flames of the latest conflagration, though the Palestinians don't need a great deal of motivation for their tempers to flare, considering the dire situation they are in. There's also a real danger that relations will break down between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel itself.

Chromium seems to use similar resources to Vivaldi

I don't like any of my browsers. Vivaldi, which I've been using lately, takes too many resources - it seems to heat up my laptop, while none of the other work 100% properly, except Chrome, which I don't like to use. Today I downloaded Chromium, but there was one website, from which I needed to retrieve invoices, which wouldn't work in anything except Chrome. I wonder why it accepted Chrome but not Chromium? Interesting, but eventually tiresome. I'm writing this post in SeaMonkey.

I have installed an appimage of LibreWolf, which is a version of Firefox with improved security settings. One site which I often look at, the John Hopkins University COVID dashboard, doesn't load properly.

Various articles report that Vivaldi's resource usage is low, and indeed with a few tabs open it is using about 15% of the CPU and 10% Memory, so I still only have my personal experience that the computer heats up more under Vivaldi. I will see if Conky has a temperature sensor or in some other way try to test this more thoroughly.