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11 December, 2020


✭ Boris Johnson appears to confuse India farmers’ protests with Pakistan conflict
Boris Johnson confuses India farmers’ protests with Pakistan conflict
by Guardian News on YouTube


✭ Sci-fi surveillance: Europe's secretive push into biometric technology
"EU science funding is being spent on developing new tools for policing and security. But who decides how far we need to submit to artificial intelligence?"

✭ Israel and Morocco agree to ‘full diplomatic relations’, says Trump | Israel | The Guardian
"Having occupied its southern neighbour since 1975, Morocco’s claims are largely unrecognised internationally. Western Sahara remains on the UN’s decolonisation list of “non-self-governing territories”, meaning its roughly half a million people are still not running their own government."

You recognize our illegal occupation and we'll shut up about yours.

✭ Pluralistic: 10 Dec 2020 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

"Funding universal health insurance would lead to a large tax cut for the vast majority of workers, and the data show that for most workers, it would lead to the biggest take-home pay raise in a generation." -Gabriel Zucman and Emmanuel Saez."

✭ Apple MacBook Air (M1) review: gamechanging speed and battery life | Apple | The Guardian
"Apple’s cheapest and lowest-power laptop can now do things hitherto reserved for only large, high-performance machines, and with multi work-day battery life to boot. "

Sounds pretty good.

✭ Facebook antitrust lawsuit: Dozens of states and the FTC sue company for alleged anticompetitive behavior

✭ Gethsemane church targeted in arson attack
palestine✭ Facebook crushed rivals to maintain an illegal monopoly, the entire United States yells in Zuckerberg’s face
’s been a long time coming but the, as alleged, privacy-invading, competition-crushing Zuckerberg spin machine that is Facebook has finally been taken on by the United States."
#facebook #capitalism

✭ The Truth About Amazon review – slick consumer show avoids the unpalatable | Television | The Guardian
"Can you trust Amazon to serve you the best deals? Short answer – no. Longer answer – no, but here are some hacks you can use to defeat it, if by defeat you mean hand over fractionally less of your money to an omnivorous beast that captures almost a third of online sales in Britain, is ravaging the high street (at an accelerated rate since Covid hit), has highly questionable working practices, and pays around the same amount of tax as Baby McNeil."

✭ Details revealed of secret deal that gave Chinese spies free rein in Switzerland | Switzerland | The Guardian
"Details revealed of secret deal that gave Chinese spies free rein in Switzerland"

✭ Fxtec's Pro1-X is an Ubuntu Phone with Physical QWERTY Keyboard - OMG! Ubuntu!
 aren’t limited to Lineage OS either as the Fxtec Pro1-X also runs Ubuntu Touch.

✭ ZaReason, the Linux PC Seller, Forced to Close - OMG! Ubuntu!
, a pioneer of prebuilt Linux laptops and desktop PCs, has announced that it has been forced to close."

✭ Israel's Former Space Security Chief Says Aliens Have Prevented Nuclear War
"a wide-ranging interview which reads like the nonsense you'd find on the cover of a supermarket checkout tabloid."

✭ Japanese councilor who accused mayor of sexual assault voted out after locals said she 'degraded' women -
Residents of a small town in central Japan have overwhelmingly voted to remove the local council's only female member after she accused the mayor of sexual assault.
#japan #womensrights