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10 March 202



I find myself using the SeaMonkey browser after all, because I like how it looks. Often I wonder whether my choice of software isn't determined more by personal aesthetic appeal than by function. I find myself using Hubzilla more, now that I have made the theme more to my liking. Same with Thunderbird.


Dove owner Unilever to ban excessive photo editing from its adverts | Unilever | The Guardian
“Sunny Jain, Unilever’s president for beauty and personal care products, said consumers were increasingly rewarding brands that took action on environmental and social issues.”

I guess we should continue like that. It looks like market analysts have told them that consumers are actively seeking ethical alternatives to Unilever products.

China’s appetite for meat fades as vegan revolution takes hold | China | The Guardian
"in 2016, as part of its pledge to bring down carbon emissions, the Chinese government outlined a plan to cut the country’s meat intake by 50%. It was a radical move, and so far very few other governments around the world have included meat consumption in their carbon-reduction plans."

Microsoft hack: Biden launches emergency taskforce to address cyber-attack | US news | The Guardian
“ an aggressive cyber-attack that has affected hundreds of thousands of Microsoft customers around the world – the second major hacking campaign to hit the US since the election.”

Meanwhile at the office

I had to help one of my co-workers recover her accounts after she was hacked. The first thing she noticed on coming in was that she couldn't log in to her computer, as her Microsoft live-id password had changed. Then we noticed the Google Workplace password had changed too. I was able to re-set those too, but not her private email; she managed with that herself, somehow. Google have also started alerting everyone when passwords for other services saved in Chrome have been compromised. I myself had several of those, but they were old passwords, because I no longer use Chrome. Google also tell people when they are using the same password for different services, or use weak passwords. My co-worker was using the same password for everything. Maybe she will change that now, but I wouldn't count on it.

I also had to fix up a couple of computers for other co-workers. Lenovo Thinkpad E14s have a recurring problem with audio under Windows. Whenever MS does an update, it seems, the speaker stops working. The fix isn't so difficult, now that I know what to do, but it entails going into the Device Manager and uninstalling a driver. In the other Thinkpad, it was just adding a new user and updating restarting updating restarting updating restarting, rinse and repeat. There's no MS Office in that computer, but I was pleasantly surprised when Lihi just shrugged and said she would use "Libre". Wow, nobody ever said that to me before.