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10 January, 2021


Came down with a bad cold; it's been creeping up on my for several days. In the daytime I dismantled my desk. I'm going to try sitting on the floor again, or using a seiza bench. I'm convinced that chairs are unhealthy and turn us into invalids. Anyway, the desk was set too high, so if the experiment doesn't work, I will at least lower it.

In the evening, started to read King Lear for some reason. It's been about a week since I opened a novel or watched a movie. I woke up in the night and have been listening to a couple of talks on YouTube; Zizek, Peterson.

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✭ Covid-19 : après leur hospitalisation, trois patients sur quatre présenteraient des symptômes durables, selon une étude chinoise
Six mois après l’apparition des symptômes, 76 % des patients sortis de l’hôpital ont déclaré présenter encore au moins un symptôme"

Ce travail a aussi porté sur 94 patients dont les taux d’anticorps sanguins ont été enregistrés au plus fort de l’infection. Six mois après, ce niveau d’anticorps neutralisants contre le virus avait chuté de plus de la moitié.

I guess it really isn't predictable whether the vaccination will give long-term immunity either; it's not something they have had enough time to test.

✭ The forest-builders of India’s Shivaliks | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera
Treated like encroachers, a community in India fights for rights to the forest they built.

Regarding the struggle of "Tongia" villages ( a system set up during the time of the British to get people to do re-forestation in return for agricultural and dwelling rights. The system worked very well. Since the setting up of nature and forestry reserves, they have faced difficulties.

✭ Google suspends Parler social network app over incitement to violence | US Capitol breach | The Guardian
"Google has suspended the Parler social networking app from its Play Store until the platform popular with many supporters of Donald Trump adds “robust” content moderation."

"Apple follows by warning the platform popular with supporters of Donald Trump that it must have a better moderation system"

No idea, what's right or wrong. I just hope we all don't end up like China. When we were all talking about the Arab Spring, the social media platforms were praised as enablers of change. I guess the American Civil Rights movement and the overthrow of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe somehow managed without social media, or, probably, any mainstream media in their countries. When there are grievances, the pressure is somehow going to boil up, to be channeled either by right-wing demagogues or legitimate social reformers.


UPDATE: Cory Doctorow has it.
✭ Pluralistic: 09 Jan 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow
As Parler disappears from the Android and Ios app stores and faces being kicked off of Amazon's (and other) clouds, people who worry about monopolized corporate control over speech are divided over What It Means.
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