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10 April, 2021


(Byzantine-era mosaic nearby in the forest)

Watched "The Father". Good acting, irritating plot. Failed to get under my skin in the way that I think the film makers intended. I'm not sure how realistic it's supposed to be, because Hopkins' condition seems to combine separate psychiatric conditions. In addition, he is occasionally more quick-witted than few of us ever were.

I already feel a bit left behind by impatient young people, but then I've always been naturally slow in speech and mannerisms. Probably as I grow older, others will increasingly attribute these traits to age. Fine with me.

Lately, we've seen various expressions of ageism in our community. Older people command a higher salary, whereas they may be slower and less efficient. It is often cheaper to employ a younger person, and, depending for the results one is aiming for, sometimes the choice can be preferable for an organization with limited resources. But apparent speed and efficiency aren't always the real thing. Often a more experienced person will be less likely to take wrong turns or commit errors. Probably any staff or organization needs both young and old people, if it wants to be effective.

I guess Biden's the best current ambassador for age and experience; he seems to be giving the young 'uns a lesson in getting things done. So much for "sleepy Joe."

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